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Dark Web Monitoring

Is your company's data at risk on the dark web? Our CS Dark Web Monitoring service provides 24/7/365 human and machine-powered monitoring, uncovering compromised credentials and potential threats in real-time. We scan the entire dark web, from hidden chat rooms to black market sites, to ensure your security.

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Vulnerability Scanning

Finding Vulnerabilities in your network is a never ending process and Organisations should be performing regular vulnerability scans in order be aware of the threats. To defend your business critical assets, it’s vital to identify and respond to security vulnerabilities before cyber criminals can find……and exploit them.

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Security Awareness Training

A lack of regular security awareness training is often the main cause of Organisational users falling victim to cyber-attacks.With an effective security awareness training solution, you can reduce your risk and transform your users into a solid first line of defence for identifying, avoiding and reporting sophisticated attacks.

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CS 360TM Managed Service

The Cyber Security Specialists CS 360TM service has been designed to provide a comprehensive fully Managed Cyber Security service, allowing Clients to have a strong internal Cyber Security capability without the need for hiring dedicated Security personnel.

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Endpoint Protection

Protect your organisation against ransomware, phishing, zero-day threats and targeted attacks with the cloud-based ESET PROTECT platform. Enjoy automated, all-in-one defence — from endpoints to other potential threat vectors, including mobiles, email, web and cloud apps.

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Attack Surface Management

Get a cyber criminal’s view of your entire external attack surface, to help you mitigate future security breaches.  Within our Threat Portal you can see your current exposure online, from files to credentials and company emails. These are graded based on the risk to your organisation and all come with a remediation action outlined by our team of Cyber researchers.

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