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Cyber criminals encompass various tactics, such as phishing emails, malware infections, DDoS attacks, SQL injections, and more. These vectors can become increasingly dangerous when an attacker accumulates multiple pieces of information. We meticulously analyse data from both the dark and public web to identify attack vectors that conventional scanners and services might overlook.

Our unique approach combines an arsenal of tools with our expert research teams, enabling us to uncover threats that others may miss. These sophisticated threats pose a higher risk to your business and warrant our specialised attention.

Our fully managed service provides:

Vulnerability Scanning

Along with our market leading scanning engines our team of highly trained and experienced Security Analysts will identify any internet facing vulnerabilities across:

  • Corporate Websites
  • External Networks
  • Cloud Servers

Threat Monitoring

Scanning the Internet and Dark Web with human and machine-powered monitoring our team of Security Analysts will identify any threats to your Organisation including leaked confidential business information, breached user credentials, personal data across the:

  • Surface Web
  • Social Media
  • Dark Web
  • Forums and Paste Bins

Client Threat Portal

We provide a secure Threat Portal where Clients are able to securely login and review any identified threats, all of which are by severity (Critical/High/Medium/Low).

Threat Alerts

Our team of Security Analysts will triage all findings that are identified and identify the lead client contact of any threats that require attention.

Monthly Reports

We provide Monthly Reports so that you can understand your current Organisational risk position, and how it is improving over time.

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