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In this increasingly digital world, the internet has revolutionised how we conduct business, communicate, and live our lives. Yet, it has also given rise to the hidden underbelly of the web – the notorious dark web. This obscure side of the internet is teeming with cybercriminals and malevolent actors that share, for example, vulnerabilities, nefarious achievements, and stolen information.

The importance of Dark Web Monitoring has never been so paramount, with the severity of cyber-attacks on the incline, proactive measures are essential to any Organisation’s security infrastructure in helping to mitigate this ever-growing risk.

This article aims to cover the advantages of Dark Web Monitoring over Breach Monitoring and explain why this is crucial to Organisations.

How does Breach Monitoring compare to Dark Web Monitoring?

In this context, Breach Monitoring is where checks are performed against known databases of compromised information, to establish if Users have been compromised. Compromised information can include anything from email addresses and names to financial information and addresses. Due to the reactive nature of Breach Monitoring, Users are likely to be notified long after the breach occurred, leaving Organisations vulnerable and unaware for an extended period.

Dark Web Monitoring builds upon Breach Monitoring by proactively checking dark web chat rooms, forums, etc., and notifying Users swiftly, identifying breaches that previously may have not been discovered or disclosed. This approach to threat intelligence also enables Organisations to prepare for potential threats, for example, talks of a targeted attack.

How can my Organisation implement Dark Web Monitoring?

Dark Web Monitoring can require significant resources to properly implement, let our cost-effective advanced Dark Web Monitoring platform handle this for you. The platform notifies us immediately if your critical business assets (usernames, passwords, credit card details National Insurance Number/Social Security number) are compromised by scanning every corner of the dark web including:

  • Hidden chat rooms
  • Unindexed sites
  • Private websites
  • P2P (peer-to-peer) networks
  • IRC (internet relay chat) channels
  • Social media platforms
  • Black market sites
  • 640,000+ botnets

With Threat Alerts and Monthly Reporting, our team of Security Analysts will help you to prevent your Organisation from being subject to identity theft, data breaches & cyber-crime.

To learn how our managed Dark Web Monitoring service can help to protect your Organisation please contact a member of the team by emailing or calling us on 0161 706 0244.